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The Bad River is a 110-mile tributary to the Missouri River running east/northeast, draining a basin of over 5000 square miles.

Known for its flash floods in the spring, the Bad River can run dark in color from manganese and fuller’s earth found throughout the drainage basin.  It joins the Missouri River in Fort Pierre, six miles southwest of our distillery, just east of where the Verendrye brothers stopped in 1743, and Lewis and Clark camped in 1804 and 1806.

The unique plain where the Bad River and the Missouri River marry was home to the largest settlement between the steamboats of the Missouri River and the Black Hills during the Gold Rush from 1874 to 1880.  It is the origin of the famous Ft. Pierre to Deadwood Trail.

And now this area is home to one of the greatest and hardest to find distilleries in America.

Bad River Rum (Dark Rum)

We make this rich textured, dark rum from Louisiana blackstrap molasses. Barrel aging gives our rum dark color and rich flavor.  Out of respect for the dark river color that mother nature created from South Dakota soils, we named this rum “Bad River.”  No additives, no added coloring, no extras, just rum, angels and charred oak.

While this bad boy plays well with traditional rum mixes, it is most entertaining when served alone over one big rock of ice.  Give it a try and you will learn why Bad River Rum™ is soooo popular.

Fermented, Distilled and Bottled by Bickering Brothers, Dakota Spirits Distillery, Pierre SD.