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Bickering Brothers Blended Whiskey.  South Dakota grains. Upper Missouri River Basin water. South Dakota distilled.  Limited supply.  An American Classic.

Our first aged whiskey product was released in May 2011.  To make good whiskey, start with good grains.  That was the basis for our first whiskey batches and continues as our foundation today.

As a small artisan or “craft” distillery, we don’t make a lot of product because we are small for starters, we have limited barrel aging space, and until 2011 we didn’t have any way to get our product to our customers.  Now, however, thanks to several South Dakota beer distributors, we can get our products to your favorite liquor store anywhere in South Dakota!

After four years of aging, whiskey made from a mash consisting of at least 50% corn is known as bourbon.  We have mixed aged bourbon whiskey with un-aged grain spirits to create our unique American product known as “Blended Whiskey.”  We have branded it as Bickering Brothers Blended Whiskey (BBB).  It is 50% straight bourbon whiskey (which has been stored at 120 proof in charred oak barrels for at least four years) and 50% grain spirits (mostly corn, and mostly un-aged – at least not for 4 years anyway).

Our Blended Whiskey is smooth, with vanillin and oak undertones.  It prefers to be served alone on one ice cube, but also opens up well with a little extra water. As with all whiskeys, it plays well with most mixes.

Our aged products are always in limited supply. Because we have to wait at least four years for our whiskey to age, there are times each year when we run out.  While un-aged grain spirits are added to increase our volume and because it produces such a drinkable whiskey—we just can’t stretch it any further. 

As more of our product ages, more will be released.  Unfortunately, we can’t speed up time and we can’t make more last year, or four years ago.  So, get yours while it is available.

As with all of our spirits, our BBB (Bickering Brothers Blended) is perfect for sitting back and reflecting on your accomplishments—past and future. Find a fire pit or fire place and pull up a chair.  Take your time, relax and enjoy.

Please remember, we make better spirits for better people, and better people drink responsibly!