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As with our whiskeys, we suggest this light and exceptionally smooth tasting Neutral Brandy be poured over one quality ice cube in a rock glass – that’s correct, one and only one cube. It prefers some ice to break open the complex flavors, but not too much to dilute its perfect composition. And yes, we called it a “rock” glass because as with all of our barrel-aged spirits, please ask for it, “On the rock, please!”

“Coteau des Prairies” or Prairie Hills is the name French explorers bestowed upon the unique grassland region of the Great Plains in South Dakota, formed with rolling hills marked with glacial lakes and underlain by silty loam soils.  This unique soil structure created a grassland environment that produces the quality grapes that make our signature Bickering Brothers Neutral Brandy so appealing.

Bordering the 44th parallel, this region has perfect sunlight to support viticulture and in the late 1800s and early 1900s became known for its farm vineyards. The industry only recently recovered from the destruction of these vineyards that occurred in 1920 as a result of prohibition. The winter hardy varietals grown in this region are the perfect feed stock of our brandy. Today there are more than a dozen wineries producing great wines from vineyards in South Dakota.  We select choice wines from these local wineries to distill into our unique brandy.

Neutral Brandy

Bickering Brothers Neutral Brandy is a medium-colored light tasting “neutral” brandy. It is considered neutral because it is distilled at a higher ethanol content by volume than most aged brandy.  The higher ethanol content of our Neutral Brandy reacts quicker with the oak staves of our American Oak barrels.  As a result, our Bickering Brothers Neutral Brandy has light caramel and charcoal aromas while maintaining a hint of vanilla and butterscotch. It finishes with a very subtle taste of oak and supple leather.

Unlike other American brandies, you should not expect a strong sweet flavor with this classic, and you won’t get any burn. If you know your brandy, you will want to get to well acquainted with this one.

Bickering Brothers Neutral Brandy mixes well, but is usually savored like a fine bourbon or single malt scotch. So, don’t feel constrained by traditional brandy drinks; this one works as well with colas and sours as it does with fruit juices and other light mixes.

Our nationally recognized, award-winning Neutral Brandy is produced in small batches and no two batches are alike. We only make a few barrels each year.  This one is always in limited supply.  Find it while you can!